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Yu-Gi-Oh Off Topicon

The Icontest of Random

Yu-Gi-Oh Off-Topicon - The Icontest of Random
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Hello, and welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! Off-Topicon, yet another Yu-Gi-Oh icontest hosted here on the wonderful collective that is LiveJournal.

What is Yu-Gi-Oh Off-Topicon, you ask?
Well, it's a Yu-Gi-Oh icontest (read: icon contest) where the themes or "starting points" for the icons don't seem to have ANYTHING whatsoever to do with Yu-Gi-Oh. NOTHING. It's the icon creator's job to come up with some connection between whatever we provide (which can be anything from a word to a picture, some lyrics to a brush set) and Yu-Gi-Oh, and then go wild with it!

How does the timing and posting work?
Same as all the other popular Yu-Gi-Oh icontest communities here on LJ. While we're not (currently) affiliated with any of them, we do like the way they're run, and we'd like to tip our invisible hats at them as a thank-you for being the gutsy first ones to open up Yu-Gi-Oh and icontests to the LiveJournal community.

Every week, we'll post a new theme or starting point of sorts. From there on, icon creators will have ONE WEEK (unless otherwise specified) to come up with a cool icon that somehow fits that theme. If the theme is...
* a word/lyrics... then the word/lyrics must appear somewhere on the icon
* a picture/brush... then the picture/brush must appear somewhere on the icon
And so on and so forth. It's not too hard-- it's just unpredictable!

In this community, expect the unexpected! (But expect to read the rules if you don't want to get disqualified/banned)

Once the week is out, a new post will appear with all the entrants-- (no names, of course) and everyone will have the chance to vote in a variety of different categories, with one icon for each category.

Typical categories (we haven't decided 100% just yet) include:
* 1st place
* 2nd place
* 3rd place
* Most Creative
* Mod's Choice
* Best Color
* Best Emotion
* Best Animation/Still
...and so on.

All icons are expected to adhere to LiveJournal standards-- that means 100x100 pixels or under, and no more than 40 KB in size. You can use any program you wish, and the icontest will try to provide as many cross-compatible materials (brush sets, images, etc.) as we can.

Applications are being accepted for affiliation--! To apply leave a LJ comment to rhapsody_dragon or the_sweet under any post or an email at mamono15 [AT] Yahoo [DOT]com or azurite_moon [AT] Yahoo [DOT] com!

Current Affiliates:

Well, are you ready? Expect the unexpected now!
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